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  • Annabelle

    The mentalist was my favorite show , UNTILL this year and the new shows I have seen so far , I believe if something works don’t fix it. It appears you have tried , added so many new people and it is hard to figure out what is going on, before it was on and over and it seemed like fifteen minutes , it lasts forever seems and didn’t leave me with the same feeling . It has lost something and lost alot of something, I would not miss a show but now I may watch a couple more and if its not better I am gone. You have added so many people for no purpose,too busy for me this way

  • Margo Kowalczyk

    The Mentalist, throughout all 5 seasons up to date, has been fantastically written, incredibly acted, and beautifully shot. The show is a “Touch of Genius”, full of ideas and and concepts that make the mind think. Many in depth psychological aspects of the show are brilliant. The mythology of the show is unlike any other drama on TV, one that involves and grips the viewer. Its characters are painstakingly drawn out and full of personality and complexity, that one almost thinks they are real. The acting of Simon Baker is astonishing, he brings so much depth and layers to the Patrick Jane’s character, that is full of intrigue; he is brillaint, sexy, funny, charming, nonchalant, but at the same time is being crushed to death by a dark secret of his own doing. In addition, watching the relationship between Jane and the rest of the unit unfold and progress has been exciting, revealing, and sometimes shocking. Though, the most interesting relationship is between Jane and a serial killer, Red John, which has been amazing and thrilling to watch over the 5 seasons.

    I love the show. I am truly addicted to it, and can hardly wait for the next episode!

  • jerry freeman

    im sick of all the red john bs, when they get back to shows without it,i will be back, until then, good by.

  • Leel Knowles

    The writers have gone to ‘soap opera’ style writing probably because they have run out of case-solving ideas on which the once fantastic show was based. This new lame style is quickly killing the show and until they get back to solving cases I’m spending my time doing something else!

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