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  • Larry

    The show that avoided cancellation because of Patricia Heaton’s presence. ABC had a gem in “Better With You” but lacked the star power so it was sacked. Sadly, “The Middle” has been allowed to dominate the Wednesday 8PM slot for 3 long seasons. I do not think that I have even cracked a smile during any of the episodes I watched. I wanted it to work. Something to watch in addition to Modern Family on Wednesday night. I did laugh at the aforementioned series that was axed.”The Middle” is not only boring but annoying with the frenetic, mop topped Heaton trying to keep a family of a young oddity, teenage daughter who is as over the top as the mother, and a son who is constantly shirtless, together. The husband will always be “The Janitor” from Scrubs as he has been given a one dimensional role in this continued waste of a half an hour. It is too late to introduce any new characters and doubtful they would work anyway.What is this show’s true intention? A colorful look at a middle class family in middle America? The problem is that there is nothing funny about the subject to begin with. It is all about mediocrity. You can do better ABC. How can CBS continue its grasp on true, bawdy, comedy while ABC and NBC have only one good comedy a piece?

  • victor linar

    The Middle is the best tv show, it is wonderfully for the whole family.

  • L. C. Stewart

    My husband and I look forward to watching ‘The Middle’ and it is the only sitcom that we watch. It’s cute and it is not a trashy show like most sitcoms. We prefer not to watch the sitcoms that glorify sex … The show deals with some of the silly things that happen with parents and kids. In some ways it proves that families can stay together and go on even if their kids are a little wacky (yes, the parents are a little wacky as well).

  • Matt

    I very much enjoy “The Middle”. It’s simply entertaining, and not necessarily constructed for critical acclaim. Sort of like Gilligans Island or The Brady Bunch; critics hated these shows, but they were just good, wholesome, unpretentious entertainment that the viewer could relax to. I hope The Middle sticks around for a long time.

  • donna

    the middle is hilarious and people can relate to this family so well. i pray that abc keeps this little gem going for a long time, they were not on tonight
    (4-17-13)i don’t know why,was upset i didn’t get to watch them.

  • Bob

    Enjoyed this season..can’t wait for the new season!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    The middle is one of my favourite shows. I am very happy that it has lasted for three entire seasons and feel that the entire cast has done an excellent job in their roles.

  • Pat

    The Middle is great. Sue is a fantastic character. She is a real teenager trying to be accepted by her fellow students. This truely is a real family that makes me laugh every week.

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