CSI:Miami fans and Florida real estate owners calm yourself, it’s a joke.

A favorite topic of mine is debunking various TV media memes that try and associate TV ratings or programming changes with external effects with absolutely no data to back them up.

Here’s a recent, but incomplete, list:

  • Oprah’s endorsement of Obama caused her ratings to fall.
  • The “Great Recession” lead to increased piloting of broadcast primetime comedies.
  • Paula’s departure, terrible contestants, Simon hates Ellen = Idol’s ratings falling

I thought we could have some fun suggesting some new TV memes ourselves. The basic recipe is to take two actual events “Florida real estate prices are down” + “CSI:Miami ratings are down” and then imply they’re correlated without actually having to prove it with any data!

If you’d like to get some ideas of your own from examinations of some actual data, take a look at my nightly 2009-10 broadcast primetime season recaps for SundayMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (no Saturday!)

Show us what you’ve got. Give it your best shot.

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