Three years ago we were part of BravoTV’s “TV Bigshot” game, and since then I’ve always thought it would be fun (and I hope pageview-riffic) to have some sort of fantasy sports type TV game on our site.

We don’t have the bandwidth to develop the software to do it ourselves, and it seems like reinventing the wheel (and probably way too expensive) to have somebody create a fantasy sports type solution from scratch for us, but I’m wondering if there may be third-party solutions that we could incorporate into our site.

Since I’m the one who’d be doing anything with it on our site it would have to be easy, really easy, since my technical capabilities <<< Robert’s. (but that didn’t stop me from creating the individual show pages this season, so I’m not entirely hopeless).

If you have such a solution, or know of one, email me (Bill), and we might have such a game on the site next season.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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