I came to TV by the Numbers and was very surprised there was no post mocking that Alex O’Loughlin was picked to star in the role of Steve McGarrett for the pilot of CBS’s “Hawaii Five-O” remake.  You guys always pick on Alex!

I was also surprised to see there was no information about NBC renewing its deal with Warner Brothers Domestic Television to keep “Ellen” on 10 NBC owned and operated affiliates through the 2013-14 season, effectively assuring that “Ellen” wouldn’t wind up on ABC as a replacement for Oprah once she moves to cable.  What gives?

-A Moonlight Fan in Biloxi, Ms.

We do not pick on Alex.  Three Rivers ratings weren’t any good, but by reporting those ratings we were not picking on Alex.  When CBS’ green-lit Three Rivers as a series I did do a somewhat mocking post because it featured the unholy ratings union of  Moonlight star Alex O’Loughlin and Jericho executive producer Carol Barbee.

If CBS picks up the series and keeps O’Loughlin in the starring role and pulls in Carol Barbee to produce it, you can count on seeing another such post.  But for now, it’s just a pilot and its being produced by the co-executive producer for CSI: NY.  We don’t really cover the pilot space.  For those interested, I recommend sources like  The Futon Critic and THR’s “Pilot Log

As for Ellen’s talk show being renewed, I did find that story interesting and if Bill wasn’t on vacation and I wasn’t the only one working the blog one or the other of us might have posted about it.  For whatever reason we do not get much traction in terms of readers for any items posted about syndicated shows.  Even with the weekly syndicated ratings I have to add in Friday Night Smackdown! and Legend of the Seeker (and LotS is never in the top 25) info to  get any traction, and even then it still isn’t very much.

There are many topics where I wish there was more reader interest and syndication is one of them.

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