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You write too much about Burn Notice! Chuck wasn’t bad enough?  But at least I understood with Chuck that it was on the bubble and might not be renewed. Burn Notice is  definitely renewed so give it a rest! Burn Notice contest. Burn Notice preliminary numbers. Burn Notice final numbers. Burn Notice press release trumpeting the final numbers.  I don’t have anything against Burn Notice, but, ENOUGH!  Where Paula Abdul lands is more important to ratings. But do you write every day about that?  No!  And what about True Blood? True Blood deserves some more love!

My guess is you’re definitely not going to like it when Dollhouse is back on the air.  It’s summer, and Burn Notice is a popular show.  It’s true, I did write about Burn Notice’s split season scheduling, Burn Notice’s 18-49 numbers, and Burn Notice’s preliminary, final and press release numbers for the summer finale.    And excuse me for having a contest giving away $400 worth of stuff!

I really don’t understand why people can’t ignore things they’re not interested in, so it’s difficult for me to summon any empathy.  Be warned, you can expect more Burn Notice in the weekly cable post.  A contest winner post and perhaps a Live+7 DVR numbers post.  But Burn Notice is off the air until the winter, so it should die down.  On the other hand, you can probably expect more posts than you might want about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for the next two weeks, and plus, next Sunday Mad Men is back.


I’ve written about True Blood quite a bit, and if HBO actually issued more (OK, any) press releases about ratings and DVD sales, we’d probably post about it more.  But around True Blood’s finale there may well be as many posts as there were on Burn Notice.

We definitely write about True Blood’s numbers when we see them.

As for Ms. Paula Abdul….

I did write about her departure from American Idol.  But it was in the context of “Bigger Diva: Paula Abdul or Brett Favre?”.   I think it’s a good comparison in that the media loves speculating about what will happen.  But all the day-to-day machinations matter not.  Assuming that she doesn’t wind up back at American Idol (and I’m definitely not yet convinced she won’t), there will be coverage of where she lands. If that happens there will also be a lot of coverage of how she impacted the ratings on her new show, and then analysis of American Idol’s numbers post-Paula.

American Idol's Paula Abdul

But she could simply wind up back at Idol.    If networks were issuing news/releases like “If Paula was on Dancing With the Stars the ratings would go up 13%!” or “Without Paula, Idol will end down 20%” I would cover that.  But none of that is happening.   The “everybody loves Paula” phase, without any numbers, just doesn’t make much sense to cover.  At least with Burn Notice, there are numbers!

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