Multichannel News has a story about the relationship between Comcast & TiVo.  The two companies have been in a relationship for years now, and other than Internet speculation and complaining from people in test markets, you rarely seem to hear anything about it.  Now, in an as yet unnamed market, Comcast will be offering TiVo as the primary DVR.   While that and the rest of the highlights is progress, the pace seems glacial.

From Multichannel News:

They’re not married yet, but Comcast’s relationship with TiVo is definitely becoming a bigger commitment.

The nation’s No. 1 cable company will make TiVo the “primary” digital video recorder option to customers in a yet-to-be-announced market, and this summer will allow TiVo DVR customers in New England to schedule recordings online, TiVo said last week.

Comcast is “enthusiastic about the TiVo results so far in New England, and they’re looking forward to launching TiVo soon in Chicago,” TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said in announcing earnings for the quarter ended April 30.

In addition, as part of Comcast’s all-digital transition, the operator “will soon present its customers with the option to use the TiVo HD retail box as an alternative to a digital adapter provided by Comcast, with details to be announced soon,” Rogers continued.

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