Update:  Julia’s comment below made me to decide to go look at the actual press release from TiVo.  The New York Times indeed used some curious word choices both. in its headline, and in the story with regard to “hit” and “most popular”.  The actual press release as titled by TiVo was  Emmy Gold Not Necessarily a Silver Bullet for Advertisers, According to TiVo

The New York Times has a story up on how people with TiVos mostly don’t watch commercials and even more skip commercials in hit dramas.  But I had to smile at the show they used in the graphic, especially since the story was titled “Hit TV Shows Have Most-Skipped Ads“:

The most popular television programs had the least-watched commercials, TiVo reported last week. The company said that nearly all of the television shows that won 2009 Emmys showed higher levels of ad-skipping than the averages for their respective genres. The sole exception was “30 Rock,” 64 percent of whose audience skipped the commercials, as opposed to 66 percent for all sitcoms generally.

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