Ad Age reports Fox is seeking $650,000 for a 30 second ad in the series finale of 24.  That’s a big increase over the $200,00-$280,000 per spot Fox reportedly sought during last spring’s upfronts.  According to Ad Age Fox had originally been seeking $500,000 for a spot in the finale, but once that it announced that 24 was ending raised the price.

Last week it was reported that ABC is seeking 900,000 for a 30 second ad in the Lost finale

The pushes behind higher prices for the finales of both “Lost” and “24” also show a new strain of salesmanship at play. In the past, the concept of a live “event” has largely been a live broadcast of an important sports match or an awards presentation. In the recent past, ratings for CBS’s broadcast of this year’s Super Bowl or ABC’s telecast of the Oscars surged over year-earlier presentations, with the Super Bowl breaking the record for reaching the most viewers by a TV program. Advertisers happily pay top dollar to sponsor such content.

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