the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) has 14 charter members committed to annually putting up $100,000 apiece for two years. The group includes seven owners of TV networks; four agency holding groups; and three advertisers.

But CIMM is actively searching for more members, hoping to increase its budget beyond the $1.4 million a year ($2.8 million over two) it appears to have in pocket.

via MediaPost.

Robert’s already covered the fact that the $1.4 million/year budget isn’t going to buy much more than meetings and press releases.

I think the “We’re looking for advertiser members” is completely a smokescreen as well. Since the avowed aim of the group is getting “better” measurement numbers for their audiences (i.e. advertisers aren’t paying enough for what they’re getting), why exactly would advertisers be interested in that?

And note that while 7 network members (of CIMM) is a pretty significant sample (particularly since all the broadcast networks are in), 3 advertiser members is entirely token.

Don’t look for lots of advertisers to join the group hug anytime soon.

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