Multichannel News has a story about how BBC’s upfront pitch  touts the fact that its viewers aren’t broke:

BBC America’s pitch to ad buyers starts with this message: “Our viewers have more money to spend in this economy.”

The 63-million-homes network expects to “do better than the marketplace” in the upfront auction of ad sales, largely because of audience demographics, senior vice president of advertising sales Mark Gall said. To him, that means an increase in upfront sales, as many projections are for a flat upfront for cable networks. Last year, he said, BBCA’s upfront take “doubled” from the year before.

To ad buyers, BBCA is touting the most affluent and educated audience in cable, combining the percentage of viewers with household income of more than $100,000 and four years or more of college. Viewers’ median income is $73,000, on par with Golf Channel, with a lower average age, 47, executives said. Even while it’s brought that viewer age down, it increased average viewing in primetime by 44% in the target age of 25 to 54, officials said.

Other bullet points from Gall’s presentation: BBCA averages 14 30-second ads per hour, the fewest in cable, and well below the medium’s average of 23, officials said, citing Nielsen Media Research data.

Whether you’re a fan of BBCA or not, there’s some good general information in the article and I recommend reading the whole thing.

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