As we have covered many times, once the Nielsen plan to measure web TV viewing on par with live and DVR TV viewing only if the web viewing carried the same commercial load was announced, it was inevitable that either:

  • Web viewing within the 3 day commercial measurement window would have the same commercial load as TV viewing, or
  • TV episodes would be held off the web for at least the first three days after airdate

(I always thought the former was more likely.)

The [CW], a joint venture of CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc., plans next TV season to double the commercials in Web versions of its shows, including “Gossip Girl.” That's a steep increase from the one or two ads per online commercial break that have become more standard as media companies jockey to keep Web video from undermining the traditional TV business.


The CW’s announcement is only the first. All the rest of the networks will almost certainly do the same thing. And you can pretty much ignore everything that CEO Jason Kilar has said about advertising on his site. He’s not calling the shots, his owners (Disney, News Corp & NBCU) are.

Nielsen announced it will begin testing its new system in fall 2009, with planned rollout in early 2010, but those dates are of course subject to change.

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