A version of FOX’s remote-free TV comes to cable.  On cable, there are frequently broadcasts that include big sponsorships and very limited commercial interruptions, but this is more like FOX’s “remote free” experiment with Fringe and Dollhouse where they would alert you how long the breaks would last. The big difference is the breaks are even shorter:

In a bid to carve out some clutter-free inventory for its clients, Hallmark Channel has developed a new commercial format that features shorter, exclusive pods.

Mutual of Omaha has signed on as the first “Fast Break” sponsor, taking point on the initiative with next week’s 9-11 p.m. movie (June 23-26) and the 7-9 p.m. movie on June 28.

Each of the exclusive breaks begins with a sponsored 10-second bumper that alerts viewers that the program they are watching will be back in 30 seconds

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