If CPM’s (cost per thousand impressions) for broadcast TV advertising really are falling this year, even slightly, then combined with broadcast primetime viewer losses, broadcast television revenues are going to get hammered.

“While prime-time ad time is getting locked in at CPMs down 1% to 3% at most of the broadcast networks, NBC has made deals that call for price rollbacks in the mid-to-high-single-digit percentage range,” the story said. “Last week NBC and Fox were said to be further along than the other broadcast networks in finishing up sales. Fox has been trying to stay less negative than its rivals. CBS has been trying to maintain flat pricing but also has had to do negative dealing…”

ABC is holding out against deeper CPM rollbacks, according to executives who spoke with AdAge. One buyer said ABC is facing pressure to lower CPMs more than 2% to 3%, but another executive familiar with discussions said the network feels those discussions aren’t worth having, and the stabilizing economy and coming start of the fall TV season are on its side.

via Television Business Report.

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