Mediaweek has a story on how the L3 local market measurements that measure program viewing for and includes three days worth of DVR viewing aren’t catching on.  Not surprisingly, the problem seems to be that the local market ad buyers want to see measurement of commercial viewing plus 3 days at the local market level and don’t want to rely on program viewing measurements.

Nielsen (Mediaweek’s parent) came up with the different metric to provide some insight into the impact of time shifting on local TV audiences. Backed by the Television Bureau of Advertising, L3 was introduced as a happy medium between live and the little-used live plus 7.

But unlike C3, which was embraced by the network TV community, the local ratings don’t take into account viewing to ad spots. And there lies the rub for many buyers. They just don’t know for sure how many of those L3 viewers actually watched the ads. “We know commercial avoidance is about 60 percent. Any time you delay viewing, you increase avoidance,” said Ellen Drury, president of local broadcast, GroupM Matrix.

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