A coalition of women’s groups is asking to CBS to nix a planned 30-second spot paid for by the conservative Christian group “Focus on the Family”  featuring Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother.  Opponents fear the ad will convey an anti-abortion message to viewers.

“An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year — an event designed to bring Americans together,” said Jehmu Greene, president of the New York-based Women’s Media Center.

According to the Associated Press, CBS  has approved the script for the 30-second ad and has given no signs that it will scrap the ad.  A network spokesperson said CBS would ensure that any ad was “appropriate for air.”

The spot is believed to recount  Pam Tebow’s pregnancy in 1987.  After becoming ill during a mision to the Philippines,  she ignored doctors’ recommendations to abort her fifth child,  Tim, who who lived to win the 2007 Heisman and lead Florida to two BCS championships.

Edit: While I feel this is TV-newsworthy enough because of the advertising/Super Bowl angle, I do not wish the debate on the subject matter to play out on the site so I have closed off the comments on this post.

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