Two pieces of set top box audience measurement news in one day. Coincidence?

As always, better measurement is likely welcomed by anyone in the industry (unless it comes at a much higher cost), but is unlikely to make a difference to which shows get canceled, so those show’s fans will  just have to find some other reason on the bingo card.

First  news about moves at The Nielsen Company:

In the reorganization that Nielsen is expected to announce later today, it will outline a new structure for driving digital TV set-top data and integrating it into a wide array of measurement systems, including marketing databases such as its consumer purchasing panel venture with Catalina Marketing. The focus of the new organization will be to meld the best of the so-called “census” quality of set-top data with Nielsen’s core panel-based measurement systems.

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And here’s a press release from Rentrak, one of Nielsen’s more prominent potential competitors:


— Combination of Rentrak National Set-Top-Box Data and Experian Simmons Buyer Propensity Data Will Increase TV Advertising Efficiency and Effectiveness —

PORTLAND, OR (July 7, 2010) –Rentrak Corporation (NASDAQ: RENT), the leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising and entertainment industries, today announced that it will offer its customers access to Experian Simmons national and local consumer purchase propensity data through an integration with Rentrak’s national and local viewership measurement services, TV EssentialsTM and StationView EssentialsTM.

The combination of Experian Simmons’ behavioral propensities with Rentrak’s unique second-by-second viewing data sourced from 17 million televisions will greatly improve the ability of advertisers to match their spots against programs that their target customers actually watch. Local television stations and national networks will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising through more precise targeting while broadening their advertiser base with the ability to identify specific products and brands their viewers consume, including those that may not currently advertise on TV. Rentrak is the only media measurement company which has integrated cable, satellite and telco TV set top box-level data for all 210 TV markets and nationally.

“Our relationship with Experian Simmons and their ability to supply buying propensity overlays with Rentrak’s national and local TV metrics is a major step forward for the advertising industry,” commented Bill Livek, Chief Executive Officer of Rentrak Corporation.  “Leveraging direct marketing discipline of combining powerful information databases, advertisers can better reach their targets; networks and stations can attract new advertisers; and consumers will see messages and offers that are more relevant to them, thus benefitting all parties in the advertising ecosystem.”

“The integration of the Simmons National Consumer Study and SimmonsLOCAL with Rentrak’s set-top-box data provides performance-driven marketers with the insights about consumer behavior and attitudes that they need to effectively target and engage their core brand users and prospects,” said Ken Wollenberg, General Manager of Experian Simmons. “Extending the reach of Simmons data via powerful, new transactional datasets like those of Rentrak is core to our philosophy of leveraging integrated data solutions to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of our clients.”

About TV Essentials

Rentrak’s TV Essentials is a comprehensive suite of research tools that enable customers to analyze anonymous audience viewing of programming and advertising across VOD, DVR, interactive and linear television.  Utilizing proprietary technology to process massive amounts of click-stream data, the TV Essentials system is able to aggregate and report second-by-second information from millions of digital set-top boxes.  The system can isolate individual market, network, series, or telecast performance, administer national and local estimates, and provide an evaluation of influencing factors such as psychographics and demographics.

About StationView Essentials

Developed with industry input and by Rentrak’s television station advisory board (comprised of local television station operators and local station research professionals), StationView Essentials offers metrics that enhance the ability of subscribers to understand viewer involvement and viewing habits in local markets.  Subscribers receive live granular station and telecast level reporting, including cable network performance detail as well as Audience Duplication, Retention and News Analysis information.

About Rentrak Corporation

Rentrak Corporation is a global digital media measurement and research company, serving the most recognizable companies in the entertainment industry. With a reach across numerous platforms including box office, home entertainment, video on demand and linear television, broadband and mobile, Rentrak has developed more efficient metrics to be used as alternative currencies for the evaluation and selling of media. Rentrak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with additional offices worldwide. For more information on any of Rentrak’s services, please

About Experian Simmons
Experian Simmons, a division of Experian Marketing Services, has been chronicling the American consumer for more than 50 years. From the products that all Americans buy and the brands they prefer to their online and offline shopping behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles and the media that they use, the Simmons National Consumer Studies survey more than 30,000 American consumers each year to deliver reliable national and local data.

About Experian Marketing Services
Experian Marketing Services delivers best-in-breed data, analytics and platforms into multiple regions around the globe. It is focused on helping marketers more effectively target and engage their best customers through email, digital advertisingcustomer data managementcustomer and competitive insightdata enrichment and list rentalmodeling and analytics, and strategic consulting. Through these capabilities, Experian Marketing Services enables organizations to encourage brand advocacy, create measurable return on investment and significantly improve the lifetime value of their customers.

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