Is Conan O’Brien worth as much to advertisers on cable as he was on broadcast? That’s what Time Warner’s Turner cable division is trying to argue.

Turner is trying to sell commercial time in Mr. O’Brien’s new late-night show, set to debut on TBS in November, at rates some 20% above the rates that Mr. O’Brien’s “Tonight” got on NBC, according to media buyers.

lots more at  Advertising Age

While the continuing overall ad rate difference between an adults 18-49 ratings point on cable and one on broadcast is a puzzle to me, Turner has always been in the public forefront arguing for ad rate equalization.

The fact they’re arguing for a premium vs. Conan’s  Tonight Show rate does seem to be (as Ad Age notes) a negotiating tactic. Sadly, we’re unlikely to know where the actual pricing ends up unless Ad Age writes about it again.

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