Thank goodness for Samsung.  All the advertising for the new LED TVs has accomplished at least two things.  1.) I want one!, 2.) it’s kept the drop in advertising spending on spots that pitch televisions from being as precipitous.  Since Samsung  has been such a good sport, let me give them a freebie.  My main TV for going on six years has been a Samsung, and I love it.   But ultimately I want be going with a new LED set until there are 60″ sets and the prices drop.  Either that or until Samsung sponsors our blog and as a part of the deal throws in LED TVs!

From AdvertisingAge:

NEW YORK ( — If you think it’s a bad time to be in TV sales, try being in sales of TV sets.

With sales of TVs down more than 15% in the first quarter, marketers are largely sitting out the ad scene this year after several years of aggressive marketing and advertising. For the first six months of the year, media spending in the TV category fell $58.3 million, 27% lower than the same time period in 2008, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

And if hadn’t been for one aggressive spender, Samsung — which accounted for 40% ($23.8 million) of the total TV category in the first half, spending would have plunged 57%.

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