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– Last Fall’s Hit Series Returns Wednesday, December 15 at 10 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel –

(Silver Spring, MD) – Sparks fly on and off the shop floor as tough guy twins and engineering mavericks, Mike and Geoff Howe return with extraordinary, innovative military machines and vehicles designed to protect soldiers and save lives in an all new season of BLACK OPS BROTHERS: HOWE & HOWE TECH, premiering Wednesday, December 15 at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

Hailed by military leaders for their life saving advancements in engineering, Mike and Geoff have been inventing, engineering, and of course wrecking things since the time they could walk. The Howe brothers have put it all on the line to open a small fabrication research and development shop, Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc.

Last season, their wildly successful business helped them move into a bigger and better manufacturing facility where they can finally take their inventions to the next level. Today, their incredible creations are saving lives and breaking the mold. But it is not just this dynamic duo who keeps their small business afloat. The Howe twins have their devoted crew by their side helping them handle the mounting pressure of building a small business in a world of engineering tycoons.

With greater field testing, higher stakes, more engineering risk and a little bit of humor thrown in, Mike and Geoff push their team to break the limits of innovation and create the most rugged and durable inventions known to man. To the Howe brothers, no idea is too extreme, too dangerous or too difficult to achieve. With a growing business and growing demands, such as making a high speed tank for a major motion picture to creating an unstoppable remote operated weapons system, these brothers n’ arms are ready for anything.

BLACK OPS BROTHERS: HOWE & HOWE TECH is produced for Discovery Channel by Authentic Entertainment, Inc. Tom Rogan, Lauren Lexton and Chris Bray are executive producers. Chris Rantamaki is executive producer for Discovery Channel.

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About Geoff and Mike Howe

When Geoff and Mike were just six years old they were known as “Howe and Howe Construction”.  Although, at this stage they were disassembling, not constructing.   The experiments started with taking apart the toaster and trying to blow up things in the woodstove.  At the age of 8, Mike and Geoff built their own one room log cabin (on their neighbor’s property) with the power tools their mom had given them for their birthday. At 16 years old they started tinkering with vehicles, when they purchased their first car, a 1974 Nova Super Sport before they even had their driver’s licenses.

Mike and Geoff graduated from Kent’s Hill School, where Mike as a 4.0 student, graduated salutatorian. Mike began taking A.P. classes as a sophomore and as a senior was taking sophomore level college classes tailored specifically for him.  While attending Bowdoin University, Mike held a solid GPA after some initial stumbling and was even given independent studies by NASA and NOAA.  This hands-on experience laid the groundwork for what was to be an adventure in building for most of his adult life.  From custom cars to Mad-Max buggies, to the fastest track vehicle in the western hemisphere, building is a passion with no problem too big and no goal gone un-achieved.  Geoff graduated a top ten student. As many twins do, Geoff and Mike have similar and disparate traits. This would explain Geoff’s more sociable student life that resulted in less book time and a lesser 3.8 GPA.  However, Geoff also took A.P. classes beginning as a sophomore.   After graduating Geoff attended the University of Maine, and spent two years in study.   After stints on a fishing boat, Geoff accepted a position working for the water treatment plant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In 1996 Geoff and Mike started their own rock and roll band “Two Much Trouble”.  They did not want to play in normal venues, so they made their own mobile stage.  They took a full size school bus and with hydraulics they made one wall lower for a stage.  While working on a commercial fishing boat and continuing with their band, off road buggies were also becoming a hobby of Geoff’s and Mike’s.  The first creations were wheeled buggies, T-Rex and Godzilla.  The vision of building the world’s fastest tracked vehicle began.

In 2001 Ripsaw was born.  Soon they realized the potential of their vehicle and decided to enter it into the 2005 Darpa Grand Challenge.  Unfortunately, funding became an issue and Ripsaw achieved semi-finalist standing.  In 2006, 3 teams out of 168 from the Darpa Grand Challenge were chosen to attend the Washington, D.C. Auto Show to display their technology.  Ripsaw and the Command Center were a main attraction.  In 2006, ARDEC (Army Research Development Engineering Center) showed interest in Ripsaw and Geoff’s and Mike’s company Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc. acquired a contract with the support of Senator Collins and Snowe to build Ripsaw prototypes for the United States Government.   Ripsaw MS1 (mil-spec), an unmanned ground vehicle was built for ARDEC to weaponize in 2008.  The Ripsaw program was a success and passed characterization test at Aberdeen Testing Center in Maryland.

The Ripsaw program continued in 2009 with the build of a second, manned and unmanned version of the tracked vehicle.  Ripsaw MS1 was featured in the June 2009 issue of Popular Science magazine as invention of the year.  Ripsaw MS1 and MS2 are going to open a race at Eldora Speedway in Ohio for an event called “Prelude to the Dream” on September 9, 2009.  This is a charity event for fallen or injured soldiers and their families.

Also in 2007, a procurement company called CPS (Civil Protection Services) contacted H&H about building a vehicle that would be a manned, be 32 inches wide, have tracks, and be bullet proof.  After a week of preliminary design, H&H stated it could be done.   H&H designed, engineered, fabricated, tested and rolled out the door, the first of its kind prototype called “PAV1 The Badger”.   In 2009 Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc. completed a second Badger PAV1.2.  The Badger is going to be featured in the 2010 Guinness Book of Work Records as the world’s smallest tank.

SR1 (Subterranean Rover) was completed in 2009, commissioned by Shoal Creek Mine of Alabama, SR1 is an extremely rugged all terrain vehicle designed to withstand the harsh environment of coal mines, while offering a safe, comfortable ride to its users.  A second SR1.2 is also being completed for Shoal Creek Mine.

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