I’m not quite as surprised by Bill with the Friday scheduling of scripted shows, but that’s only because last week someone I trust wrote to say “Fox is going to do a couple of things that will surprise a lot of people.”

Otherwise I’m pretty surprised, but also happy about it.   As a fan, networks trying to program Friday night is a good thing.  Fox has had the idea in its head for a while, going with some original scripted content in each of the last two seasons, including last fall.  This fall Fox will again be scripted both hours on Friday nights (Human Target and The Good Guys) with one hour planned for mid-season.  It looks like The Good Guys will be a carryover from the summer, but FOX’s fall schedule will be impacted by baseball for a few weeks.

Despite past failures, CBS’s ratings attrition with its Friday scripted content might have embolden FOX to give it another try.  The economics might be such that a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating is worth the extra expense of scripted content versus, say, a 1.2 rating for a repeat.  If so, it seems reasonable for FOX to try.

It’s still a surprise to me, but a happy surprise both in terms of more original scripted content and more interest in the Friday overnight ratings reports.  Fans and the curious will be looking to see if it works.

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