Fox has announced its 2010 Fall schedule.

Here is a look at its Fall 2010 Schedule vs. its Fall 2009 Schedule by the Numbers.

New Shows

2010 (3 shows, 3 hours): Lone Star (1 hour), Raising Hope (0.5 hr), Running Wilde (0.5 hr), Good Guys (begins summer ’10) (1 hr)

2009 (3 shows, 2.0 hours): Glee (1 hour), Brothers (1/2 hour), The Cleveland Show (1/2 hour)

Unscripted and Scheduled Repeats

2010 (4 hours): Hell’s Kitchen (1 hour),  Cops (1 hour), America’s Most Wanted (1 hour), The O.T. (1 hour)

2009 (6 hours): So You Think You Can Dance + Results (3 hours), Cops (1 hour), America’s Most Wanted (1 hour), The O.T. (1 hour)


  • 2 hours of scripted shows on Friday is a big surprise. That moves to the top of my “surprises in the 2010 announcements” list.
  • Replacing So You Think You Can Dance’s 3 hours with 2 scripted hours and one unscripted hour is interesting considering the 3 hour (likely) X-Factor arrives in Fall 2011.
  • Fox’s big swing factor in the Fall is always baseball. One thing they have going against them this year vs. last is that they’ll have the NL championship series instead of the AL, which is typically the more ratings attractive. And for both the NL League Championship Series and the World Series, no matter who plays, long series are a ratings wins, four game sweeps are ratings killers.

For information on other broadcast TV Fall 2010 schedules click here.

Day 2009 2010
8-9p House House
9-10p Lie To Me Lonestar
8-9p So You Think You Can Dance? Glee
9-10p So You Think You Can Dance? Raising Hope / Running Wilde
8-9p So You Think You Can Dance? Lie To Me
9-10p Glee Hell’s Kitchen
8-9p Bones Bones
9-10p Fringe Fringe
8-9p Brothers / ‘Til Death Human Target
9-10p Dollhouse The Good Guys (starts summer ’10)
8-8:30p Cops Cops
8:30-9p Cops Cops
9-10p America’s Most Wanted America’s Most Wanted
7-8p The OT (NFL post game) The OT (NFL post game)
8-8:30p The Simpsons The Simpsons
8:30-9p The Cleveland Show The Cleveland Show
9-9:30p Family Guy Family Guy
9:30-10p American Dad American Dad

Shows in BOLD are/were new, shows in italics are unscripted, 2008 shows in strikethrough did not return.

The shows slated to premiere in mid-season or later are: American Idol, Bobs Burgers, Ride Along, Terra Nova, Mixed Signals.

Changes to the mid season schedule are almost certain between now and January.

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