NBC has announced its 2010-11 schedule.  Compared to Fall 2009, NBC has announced three more new shows (if you consider Leno as a single show), and four hours fewer of unscripted shows or scheduled repeats.

If you’d like a walk down (grim) memory lane, click here to see the Fall 2009 schedule announced during the NBC upfront last year.

Here is a look at NBC’s (announced) Fall 2010 Schedule vs. NBC’s (actual) Fall 2009 Schedule By The Numbers.

New Shows

2010 (8 shows, 7.5 hours): The Event (1 hr), Chase (1 hr), Undercovers (1 hr), Law & Order: LA (1 hr); Outsourced (0.5 hr), Love Bites (1 hr), School Pride (1 hr), Outlaw (1 hr)

2009 (5 shows, 7.5 hours): The Jay Leno Show (5 hours),  Trauma (1 hour), Parenthood (1 hour), Community (1/2 hour)

Unscripted Or Scheduled Repeats

2010 (11 hours): Biggest Loser (2 hours), Who Do You Think You Are/ School Pride (1 hour), Dateline NBC (1 hour), Football Night in America (1 hour), Sunday Night Football (3 hours), Saturday repeats (3 hours)

2009 (15 hours): The Jay Leno Show (5 hours), Biggest Loser (2 hours), Dateline NBC (2 hours), Football Night in America (1 hour), Sunday Night Football (3 hours), Saturday repeats (2 hours)


  • NBC scripted fall shows are going to be on very short leashes. In contrast to 2009-10, when the Lenopocalypse caused ratings dreck like Mercy and Trauma to have their orders extended, with so many shows ordered and waiting in the wings at mid-season (see below), I’d expect NBC to be ruthless in cutting their under performers.
  • NBC went farther than I expected to suck up to their local affiliates. Going scripted at 10pm Friday makes it apparent NBC is still in suck up mode. Robert notes it may be more of a company town “Hollywood suck up” than an affiliate suck up, a reasonable theory. Robert’s viewpoint gets a boost, as the predictable swoon of the TV critics begins.
  • NBC’s may already intend to tip the scripted/unscripted balance in the spring. With Celebrity Apprentice scheduled for an all unscripted Sunday post football, and (Classic) Apprentice and Marriage Ref also awaiting mid season slots, unless NBC replaces both Friday unscripted hours, it seems likely they will drop their scripted content by at least an hour. Although, their currently announced schedule for Sunday’s post football (Dateline, Minute to Win It, Celebrity Apprentice) begins in March, which leaves unknown two months of Sundays in January and February.

For information on other broadcast TV Fall 2010 schedules click here.

Day / Time Fall 2009 Fall 2010
8-9p Heroes Chuck
9-10p Trauma The Event
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Chase
8-10p The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Parenthood
8-9p Mercy Undercovers
9-10p Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Law & Order: Los Angeles
8-8:30p SNL Weekend Update Thursday Community
8:30-9p Parks & Recreation 30 Rock
9-9:30p The Office The Office
9:30-10p Community/30 Rock Outsourced
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Love Bites
8-9p Law & Order Who Do You Think You Are / School Pride
9-10p Dateline NBC Dateline
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Outlaw
8-9p Dateline NBC Repeats
9-10p Trauma (Encores) Repeats
10-11p Law & Order:SVU (Encores) Repeats
7-8pm Football Night in America Football Night in America
8-11p Sunday Night Football Sunday Night Football

Shows in BOLD are/were new, shows in italics are unscripted, 2009 shows in strikethrough did not return.

The shows scheduled to premiere in mid-season or later are: The Cape, Friends with Benefits, Perfect Couples, Harry’s Law, The Paul Reiser Show, The Apprentice, Marriage Ref, Parks and Recreation, Minute to Win It, Celebrity Apprentice.

Changes to the mid season schedule are almost certain between now and January.

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