Ha! NCIS: LA out of a repeat of NCIS: LA performed as well as an original of The Good Wife after an original of NCIS: LA.  Yet you seem to think that The Good Wife is “likely to be renewed” in the Bubble Watch. I think the Renew/Cancel Index has the more sensible approach by keeping it on the bubble.


Bill G.
San Francisco, Ca

Indeed, and by design, the R/C index is more sensible in that it usually doesn’t try to predict fates of shows that have bubble-like ratings. Bubble Watch has yet to do that across-the-board either, but I have with The Good Wife because I think it will be renewed.

The TV business isn’t always “sensible.” There are lots of executives with big egos and they like things like critical acclaim and the prestige of Emmy awards. I do think it likely The Good Wife will be renewed (and I could certainly be wrong) despite its relatively lousy ratings. But I think that’s more about appearances than dollars and sensibility.  We’ll see.


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