The so-called 10/90 series order, in which if the first ten episodes of a new comedy hit a predetermined ratings benchmark a 90 episode order is triggered, has become common in cable. Anger Management, the TBS Tyler Perry comedies and an upcoming Kelsey Grammer/Martin Lawrence series all use it. Now NBC is strongly considering bringing the production model to broadcast television. Deadline reports that the network is finalizing a 10/90 deal for a new family comedy starring Roseanne Barr that will be written by Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallen. Given that Anger Management started out strong then declined, and that several recent NBC series, including Go On debuted big then fell to cancellation level ratings, this is a risky move. 90 episodes is equivalent to four full broadcast seasons. The script has not even been completed yet, so it’s probably premature to order a new Untitled New Roseanne Comedy DVD box set.

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