I wrote so glowingly about the upcoming series Life on Discovery that premieres March 21 that it prompted one person to ask how much Discovery paid me.  Nothing!  Discovery: I’m open: make me an offer, I’m game to post 2x as much as I would’ve anyway.

Seriously though, I love this sort of thing and I find it spectacularly gorgeous.

Yes, I know the show has already aired in the UK and Canada with a fabulous narrator who isn’t Oprah.   That’s nice.  Consider this for the 80% of our readers who live in the United States and have never seen it then.  As for grumblings over why replace the narrator with Oprah for the USA version, I can think of at least three reasons:

1.) Oprah is a big deal in the USA

2.) getting Oprah to talk about the series on her talk show can’t be bad (and she has already talked about it.)

3.) Discovery has a business relationship with Oprah!

As I wrote earlier in the week, the narration is truly in the background anyway, and appropriately so.

You can explore more on the web site that will feature videos & games, an interactive endangered species map, breathtaking photography and much more in the coming weeks. Additionally, Discovery Channel fans can learn all about the #factsoflife by following @LifeonDiscovery on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook at facebook.com/DiscoveryLIFE

They’re STILL not paying me, but it’s still just as darn gorgeous anyway (I’m still open to additional paid advertorials though).

Either way: feast your eyes:

Cheetahs Hunt Ostrich

Stalk-Eyed Fly

Komodo Dragons Hunt Water Buffalo

Waterfall Toad Leap from Danger

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