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The video is definitely worth the 10 minutes for those interested in an overview of Nielsen’s plan’s for “TV Everywhere” measurement.

Key points:

  • Only “qualifying programs” will be measured for C3 purposes, and those are the programs that run the same national ads online and on TV.
  • Internet measurement will be rolled out to the national television panel hopefully over the next 6 or 7 months
  • People aren’t nearly as receptive to having their Internet usage measured as they are their TV viewing. The portion of the TV Panel that doesn’t have Internet (and I presume he meant broadband, will check) won’t be included, and Fuhre predicts that around 50% of the panel that is eligible will agree to have their Internet usage measured.


  • The issue with panel participation is a big one.  The national TV panel currently has People Meters in around 20,000 homes.  Even if everyone had high speed internet — and they don’t — if only 50% participate that would knock it down to 10,000.  This may leave some room for quibbling over the veracity of the results.
  • What becomes of a service like Hulu once this is rolled out?  Hulu, while a good distribution hub won’t be involved in the ad sales for qualifying shows.  Hulu has been spending a lot of time lately trumpeting that “current television shows” make up only a small portion of its library.  But we’ve never seen any good breakdowns of what is the percentage of Hulu traffic that is for current programs.
  • Though he doesn’t come right ought and say “Damn you CIMM for making us roll this out much faster than we otherwise would’ve”, clearly it seems to be the case that CIMM sped up the roll out substantially.  What CIMM is not: a consortium of TV networks, agencies and advertisers who are launching their own competitive measurement service.  What CIMM is: a consortium of TV networks, and advertisers who effectively sped up Nielsen’s roll out plans.
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