As Robert noted yesterday, NBC’s daily Winter Olympics press release contained all sorts of wacky numbers from a survey sponsored by NBC.


·               46% of Olympic viewers changed their typical routine to watch the Olympics.

·               34% delayed doing laundry or other household chores – including paying bills – in order to watch the Olympics.

·               59% said they didn’t watch some of their “regular shows” in order to watch the Olympics

·               35% of viewers cried or became teary-eyed while watching (25% among men)

·               66% of viewers cheered aloud while watching the Olympics

·               63% stayed up longer than usual to watch, resulting in 42% being “more tired than normal.”

·               42% of viewers said the Olympic sport they would most like to try is bobsled

(Source: Research Results)

On an admittedly slow Friday in TV numbers land, I thought we might have fun proposing our own (fake!) Winter Olympics cultural event statistics.


  • 2% of Red Sox fans hated the Yankees at least a little bit less during the Olympics
  • 37% of Toyota owners worried less about their brakes during the Olympics
  • 24% of viewers forgot to feed their dog during the 2 weeks of the Olympics

Go for it.

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