When you’re a cable ratings beast, it’s important to send a statement by performing well in your season premiere.  Sending the message that you’re not afraid of your competition is also important, even if it means a new and earlier time slot, and that your season premiere gets scheduled at exactly the same time the 2009 NBA finals featuring Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard begins on ABC…

Hey, at least the older sibling NBC network helped out by scheduling the premier of The Listener against the season premiere of Burn Notice.   It will be interesting to see which show has the better 18-49 rating at 9pm.

To those who participated in the contest:

  • a.)    Thank you!
  • b.)    We will know the winning entry no later than next Tuesday, but probably as early as Friday afternoon
  • c.)     Once we know who the winner is, I’ll contact the winner and make an announcement on the site
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