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As I read through the fall previews from various sources I see a lot of them comparing both Flash Forward and V to Lost.

I’ve seen the pilots for V and Flash Forward and enjoyed both of them very much.  I’ve also seen all five seasons of Lost.  The comparisons of this season’s new shows to Lost seems off to me though.   Especially when I think of things from a ratings perspective.

Whatever else Lost is, especially in the early days, you could describe it succinctly in a way that had the potential for mass appeal: a plane crashes leaving a bunch of beautiful survivors stranded on a beautiful tropical island.

Oh sure, they aren’t all beautiful, but even “a bunch of people stranded on a beautiful tropical island” is an easy description.   I understand that there’s a lot more to Lost than that, but for a lot of people there didn’t have to be a lot more to it than that to at least give it a look.

I don’t see either Flash Forward or V having that going for them.

I do think Flash Forward will do just fine in the ratings if they are able to make the subsequent episodes as interesting as the pilot.  Though the words “post apocalyptic” come out when some describe Flash Forward, it’s not really a post apocalyptic show.

The hook for Flash Forward is,  “what would you do if you were given a glimpse of the future?”  That might be interesting enough to rope quite a few in for the pilot.  Especially given all the promotion it has behind it.  It still doesn’t have the same ring as a bunch of beautiful people stranded on a beautiful tropical island, but I like its chances better than V’s over the longer term.

V?  Aliens from another world pay Earth a visit.  “Aliens” also doesn’t have the same ring to it as a bunch of beautiful people stranded on a beautiful tropical island.  I really enjoyed the pilot of V, especially the first 15 minutes or so (I might have been swayed because the aliens are able to convert their spaceships into very kick ass video displays that would make even Jerry Jones jealous).   It will be interesting to see how big a crowd V can draw initially and then how big of a crowd it can keep.

Aliens can be a huge box office draw.  But TV?

Either way, I don’t buy the Lost comparisons. For now, it looks as if any new big budget broadcast shows with science fiction  elements will get compared to Lost.  Even if such comparisons don’t seem apt.

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