fathertimeTwo otherwise unrelated articles piqued my interest this morning because their subjects were about TV shows that were part of my youth, but that I haven’t watched in a very long time. The NY Times had an article about Diane Sawyer’s ascendance into ABC’s evening news anchor chair (more of a Sawyer v. Couric v. old boys take), and the LA Times had an article about the two new hosts of the former Siskel & Ebert vehicle At The Movies.

Both the broadcast evening news (I was more of a John Chancellor guy) and At The Movies were staples of my youth (I’m 49, it’s my  last year in the 18-49 demo!).

Where else could you get your news after the morning newspaper except from the broadcast networks at 6:30? Now, the combination of cable news and the internet makes the broadcast evening news pretty much the domain of my parent’s generation (the average viewer age for all three shows is over 60).

And I used to look forward to each weekly installment of At The Movies. Less for Siskel & Ebert’s reviews, although I enjoyed them, but far more to see the trailers of the upcoming movies. What an incredibly quaint notion that seems now. Waiting to watch a TV show to see 3-4 movie trailers. Of course, now if you want critic’s reviews you can go to metacritic.com, viewer reviews to rottentomatoes.com or countless other sites. And movie trailers are endlessly available seemingly everywhere.

If I tried to explain the premise of both of these kinds of shows to my young son, he’d likely have the same look on his face as when I told him that all telephones used to be attached to the wall in the kitchen.

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