Crazed fans* from Brazil and Italy, please stop e-mailing things like “How can Dawn Ostroff be so disrespectful to Supernatural and  SmallvilleMelrose Place gets five more episodes but no news on Supernatural or Smallville!? It’s a disgrace!!”

So look, I’m a huge, huge Supernatural fan.  But some* of you people need to chill out over the Dawn Ostroff bashing.  She nor the CW have disrespected Smallville and Supernatural here,  those shows already had full season orders when they were renewed last spring.  So you’re getting 22 episodes.  You’ve had them all along.  There was no disrespect.  Relax!

*We love fans from Brazil and Italy and I am by no means suggesting that all of you are crazy.  It just so happened that all the e-mail I got along the lines described above was from outside the United States.

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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