Bill is busy Friday morning so he asked me if we could switch overnight reporting duties so that he’d take the Wednesday night report on Thursday morning and I’d take the Thursday night report on Friday.

Not that I wouldn’t have been happy to do it anyway, but  I consider this hugely trading up for the week!

Other than Saturday, every night this week is interesting and I am interested to see how the two hour comedy block and Eastwick do on ABC, and how the returning comedies on CBS do Wednesday night.  Glee is interesting but it’s already gotten its back 9 for the first season.

So to trade all of that plus Criminal Minds in for:

  • How will FlashForward do?
  • How will Fringe do against full-strength competition?
  • How will CSI & Grey’s Anatomy do in their returns?
  • How dominant will The Mentalist be at 10pm?
  • Plus how the NBC comedies are doing…

That just seems like a great  trade for me!

Then, that night Dollhouse and the next morning Dollhouse ratings!  Much happiness and joy for the ratings geeks.

For a site like ours, at least for me, this is as close as it gets to the 12 Days of Christmas.  We get another 12 days or so of Christmas in May as the new schedules are announced.

And in between?  All Festivus, all the time, with the airing of the grievances.

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