The winner gets $10,000 and 15 minutes of geek fame.  A couple of words that come to mind and they rhyme with peep rasterds.

Update: FOX reached out and I explained I’d have rather seen them develop a must-have Fringe app internally. FOX’s side is that they wanted to engage the broader developer community and hopefully in the process get more people excited about Fringe and it wasn’t that they didn’t want to develop the app themselves.  In fact, the winning app isn’t guaranteed to become the official Fringe app, so FOX may yet decide to develop the app themselves anyway.  They just wanted to give creative developers who might be hard core Fringe (or JJ Abrams) fans the opportunity to do something fun for Fringe and win $10K.


Do You have what it takes to build the coolest app on the planet for one of the coolest television shows on the planet?? You’re assignment is simple: Create the coolest, groundbreaking, mindbending app for the Fox hit show “Fringe” and pocket a cool 10 large along the way. It costs nothing to enter, we have some cool official “Fringe” assets to get you started, and, other than that, you are limited only by your imagination. Just read and agree to the simple rules and criteria, fill out the short registration form, and get to work! Hack on…

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