It isn’t much fun to be a Redskins fan these days and mostly it hasn’t been much fun since the early 1990s.  As a Washington, D.C. transplant in California,  I didn’t used to get to see the Redskins play very much unless I went to a sports bar.    Fortunately, today’s Redskins/Saints game was aired on San Francisco’s FOX affiliate.

I picked up NFL RedZone about a month into the season and have been a huge fan of the service.   But the Saints/Redskins game was actually good and I watched it in its entirety for the second half on FOX.   Almost.

Without about  2 minutes left in the game  the local FOX affiliate sadly had to air 49ers/Seahawks.   And it seems crazy to me.  Even though I understand the local affiliate has to air the 49ers game, the opening of that game was meaningless.  Meanwhile the Saints were down by 7 and driving to tie the game with less than 2 minutes.

I flipped it to RedZone, where they were covering the game and got to see Brees’ 53 yard pass to Meachem for the touchdown that tied the game, and RedZone also covered the final 1:27 of the fourth quarter and all of the overtime.

The Redskins didn’t win, and while I would’ve been happy to see the upset,  in a way I was rooting for the Saints to preserve their undefeated season.   Either way, I got to see it all thanks to RedZone!

I know people will say, “Get DirecV, and order NFL Sunday Ticket!”   But I don’t really usually need (or want) to watch every game, and RedZone gives me the best of everything, and in cases like today where KTVU had to cut over to the 49ers game, it gave me full continuation of a game I really wanted to watch.    Plus, RedZone is cheaper than Sunday Ticket, and I like my On-Demand options with Comcast much better than what I’d get with DirecTV.

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