SCI FI Wire has a post up titled: Heroes ratings plummet. Do you even care anymore?

I find myself in the situation of Entertainment Weekly‘s Marc Bernardin. “I’ve invested four bloody years in Heroes, at the very least, I need to see how it ends,” he wrote. “At this point, it’s become a matter of pride. I am, however, pretty sure I’ll spend much of the show’s remaining life shaking my fist at the TV.”

And so it goes. My love/hate relationship with Heroes continues. I love Hiro and Ando and HRG and Peter (although I wish he was sweet like he was in season one) and Claire (although I wish she would stop whining and start saving the world again). I’m even fond of Matt and the Haitian. I love some of the wonderful places Tim Kring has taken me with these Heroes. And I love to hate Sylar (although he’s beginning to look like Mr. Spock to me).

I understand!  I got halfway through the final and then decided “blah!” and watched the first episode of Surivor: Samoa on the on-demand instead.  One word: Russell!

But, I haven’t yet deleted the premiere off my DVR, nor have I deleted the season’s pass for Heroes.  I could see my love/hate relationship with Heroes dragging on a little more, until finally, and mercifully, NBC cancels it and puts me out of my misery.

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