SMALLVILLE’s Natalie Abrams has been stringing Smallville fans on Twitter along so long now that it seemed like she’d been doing it since season five! But, finally she posted her Q&A with Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders and thankfully she did sneak in a question about the prospects for a tenth season: What are the prospects of a 10th season right now?

Souders: We’re just going gung-ho. We are planning to break a season finale and not a series finale. We have our fingers crossed. The fans have just been amazing. Nobody knew what was going to happen when we moved to Friday night and the fact that fans showed up and have been enjoying the show, it’s meant everything to us and I know it’s meant a lot to the studio and the network. I think that’s given us a much better chance of coming back for Season 10. We’re hopeful.

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