Sorry for the delay in posting this, but the site downtime on Friday derailed things a bit.

In hindsight, it might have been better to do this contest for next week’s episode.   Last Monday’s episode “Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte” was not very “awesome” at all when it came to using the word “awesome!”

Ryan Mcpartlin’s Devon character actually  only uttered the word once when he said “Muy awesome” at the end of the press conference.

Like many of the contestants, the first time I watched it, I only counted two utterances of the word “awesome” in the episode. But I went back and watched it a second time paying closer attention to the words than the show or being distracted by Yvonne Strahovski.

1. Devon used it – but not as a name — at the end of his press conference
2. Chuck used it as a name at the party
3. Chuck used it as a name when they were rescuing Casey
4. Sarah used it as an adjective in the Orange Orange near the end of the episode

It was also used in the preview for Monday’s episode once, and although that didn’t count there was only one entry that had 5, and I included it in the random drawing (that entry wasn’t a winner though).

Here are the winners:

  1. Paul from Cherry Hill, NJ who won the autographed season one comic book
  2. Melissa from West Bend, Wi., who won the autographed season two comic book
  3. Grace from Silver Spring, Md., who won the authentic Chuck tie and Buy More pocket protector (with pens)
  4. Laura from Waco, TX who won the season 1 DVD

Please join me in congratulating the winners!  I really wish we could have given prizes to everyone who guessed correctly and even those who didn’t!

By the way, over 50 percent of the entries (around 54%) had the correct answer.  The wrong answers were pretty evenly distributed between 2 “Awesomes” and  3 “Awesomes,” though there were a few responses with 1 and even a couple entries that said it wasn’t said at all.

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