I have been deliberating over what to do with the contest.  Part of the problem is that I considered a couple of the prizes (season 1 and season 2 comic books signed by all the principal actors) so cool that I didn’t want to give them away to anyone who doesn’t watch the show.

So rather than doing a ratings contest (and let’s face it,  regardless of the ratings, over the next 4 months there will be plenty of ratings talk when it comes to Chuck), I’m doing something a little different.

Chuck premieres with two hours on Sunday, but, the regular time slot premiere on Monday will be an episode that features a lot of   Dr. Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb (played by Ryan McPartlin).

The way the contest is going to work is that in order to enter sometime between 9pm ET on Monday January 11, and 9pm on Thursday January 14 (since commercial ratings are C+3, live plus 3 days!) send an e-mail to chuck (at) tvbythenumbers (dot com) with the following information:

1.) how many times the word “awesome” is used in the episode airing Monday January 11 (as either a name or a word).   To clarify: this is not a “guessing” beforehand contest but rather a “count the number of times it actually happens” contest. I will not be accepting any entries received before Monday January 11, 2010 at 9pm ET or after January 14, 2010 at 9pm PT.

2.) your name, address and phone number (if you don’t win we won’t do anything with your info and it will just be deleted)

3.) if you want to grovel about how much you love Chuck and why you should win you’re welcome to, but I am going to randomly draw from the correct answers to award four separate prizes:

  • Season one comic book autographed by principal cast
  • Season two comic book autographed by principal cast
  • Official Chuck tie and Buy More pocket protector (with Buy More pens!)
  • Chuck Season One DVD

Remember, you need to e-mail that information as outlined above – do not post that info in the comments!

This contest is only open to people 18 and up and living in the United States.  Sorry to our friends outside the USA.

If you want to guess the ratings for Sunday’s two hour premiere and/or Monday’s normal time slot premiere for pride, rather than prizes, feel free to post in the comments below.

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