This started out as an e-mail to Bill, but by the time I was three paragraphs into it, I figured “eh, screw it that’s a blog post!”

Did you turn your HBO back on for Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm?  I know you had talked about it.  If so, are you caught up on Curb?  If not, stop reading!

I  thought Curb had a particularly great season and there was only one episode I didn’t care much for.  I absolutely loved how Curb handled the faux Seinfeld reunion.  With all the press coverage of the Seinfeld theme heading into the season I was bracing for the worst.  But it was awesome.

It was great to see the actors in character again, though sadly, only one brief moment with Newman, but one “Hello, Newman” and “Hello, Jerry” with stank eye is probably really all that was necessary.

It was great just to see the diner and apartment sets again.  But Larry briefly playing George (aka himself) as played by Jason Alexander was hysterical.

It was also nice that the reunion show premise wasn’t a special show (as the actual finale was) but rather a regular episode of Seinfeld that just gets you caught up.  Between the last two Curb episodes it was like getting 5-10 minutes of a real (and new) Seinfeld episode.  It  makes me wish they’d have shot a full 20 minutes of show and packaged it up and sold it, not as a reunion show, or a better finale, but just as one “special” new episode of Seinfeld.

Judging from the brief minutes of show we got to see, it seems to me that they still have their creative chops, at least when they have a mind to do so.  George getting rich on the iToilet iPhone application only to invest all his money with Bernie Madoff.  Classic!  But it’s hard to say just how much of my enjoyment was due to the Seinfeld scenes.  The Curb portion of the show was also good, making a classic Seinfeld catchphrase out of “Having said that” and making a mockery of “respecting the wood” was very meta.  I also liked “Mocha Joe” as Larry’s nemesis and “that’s not a book, it’s a pamphlet!”  But between the Curb pieces and the Seinfeld pieces I felt like I got one last very, very good episode of Seinfeld.

If they would’ve shot a full episode of Seinfeld, I’m curious how much they could charge for it. And that assumes there aren’t a lot of legal entanglements with existing licensing and actor contracts that would preclude it.

I’m even more curious about what the ratings would be for the first airing of that episode.

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