Last year’s Conan story and this year’s Charlie Sheen story don’t really have that much in common besides:

  • they both lost their jobs
  • both are big stories
  • TMZ scooped traditional media
  • After they lost their jobs each planned a live tour

Sheen hasn’t started to grow a beard yet, but then again he didn’t just get an eight figure severance with a “you can’t talk about it for six months” clause.

The dream scenario for trolls who are web publishing Vatican assassin warlocks would be something like:

  • CBS/Warner Bros lure Conan to Two and a Half Men
  • Show premieres to huge numbers, but a month later ratings drop below previous levels and the show loses to Dancing with the Stars
  • In the interim, Sheen enters rehab, rehabilitates, makes amends with Chuck Lorre
  • Warner Bros/CBS lure Sheen back to the show, booting Conan after only a few months


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