I am a  big Garret Dillahunt fan.  As Cromartie/John Henry he was my favorite character on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

He also had a recurring role as Roman Nevikov on NBC’s Life.  Of all the shows canceled last year, NBC’s Life was my favorite.

I’m not really superstitious!  As a character actor Dillahunt has appeared on a lot of shows that have not been canceled.   But he hasn’t had a good run with recurring roles lately (I’m looking at you, John From Cincinnati).

Still, even though it’s not a recurring role, I did get get a shiver when I saw Shawn Ryan’s tweet that Dillahunt is in tonight’s episode of Lie To MeLie To Me has struggled a bit in the ratings out of its fat House lead-in.

Dillahunt also will be in an upcoming episode of  White Collar, which premieres this Friday on USA.  Dillahunt is supposed to be in what is currently scheduled as the show’s fifth episode.

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