To be clear, these aren’t my predictions, I actually asked the Magic 8 Ball!

You don’t need to wait for the Renew/Cancel report on Tuesday when  you have the Magic 8 Ball.  Plus, you can ask questions the Index isn’t good at answering.

These are honest-to-goodness Magic 8 Ball results.   If you don’t have your own Magic 8 Ball you can go virtual.  I prefer the good old fashioned shaking of the physical version as opposed to a mouse click, but that’s just me.

Will Grey’s Anatomy Be Renewed?

It is decidedly so

Will Dollhouse be renewed?

Don’t count on it.

If those two were the control questions, it looked like the Magic 8 Ball was off to a great start, so I posed.

Will Dawn Ostroff be running  The CW next season?

Reply Hazy, Try Again

So I tried again.

Will Dawn Ostroff be running The CW next season?

You May Rely On It

Just to be safe, I threw in another control question:

Will NCIS win best drama Emmy next year?

It is decidedly so

Will Jay Leno go to three nights a week?

My Reply Is No

Will Chuck be renewed for a fourth season?

Better Not Tell You Now

Will Fringe be renewed for a third season?

Cannot predict now

Will Stargate Universe premiere have better ratings than Dollhouse this Friday?

My Sources Say No

Will Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles be resurrected on Syfy?

You May Rely On It

Are you a very accurate psychic?

Outlook Not So Good

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