I read that quite a few games have been played on Tuesday, though none recently.  Do you have any of the old ratings?

Sam W
Oakbrook, Il

None recently?  Try none since before I was born. And I’m old.

The last Tuesday game was more than 64 years ago on October 1, 1946.  Sadly, that predates the days of most people having a TV so there are no historical ratings for Tuesday telecasts, assuming there were any.

Interestingly, the first televised NFL game was played well before that Tuesday in 1946.  The first televised NFL game was on  October 22, 1939 and like tonight’s game it was broadcast by NBC.     Also like tonight’s game it featured the Philadelphia Eagles.  They played the Brooklyn Dodgers.  No, they weren’t playing a baseball team but the game was at Ebbets Field.

About 500 New Yorkers owned televisions at the time and you can bet every one of them was watching.  The game was also available to onlookers at the RCA Pavillion at the World’s Fair in New York.

There were no commercials, but there were some technical issues interrupting the broadcast according to Allen (Skip) Walz, the NBC play-by-play announcer. “It was a cloudy day, when the sun crept behind the stadium there wasn’t enough light for the cameras. The picture would get darker and darker, and eventually it would go completely blank, and we’d revert to a radio broadcast.”

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