Via Baltimore Sun critic David Zurawik

Michael Vick’s return to NFL league play was a big pre-game TV story Sunday, and it was fascinating to see how the networks and cable channels that carry the games handled his past crimes of torturing and killing dogs in its interviews and pre-game hype-a-thons.

The answer: They gave it short shrift with a brief mention or a fleeting shot of protestors outside the stadium, and then they rushed headlong into their favored narrative of forgiveness, redemption and hoped-for future on-field glory.

At least they left out the effusive thank yous!  Here’s an early season game featuring the Eagles and a struggling Kansas City Chiefs team that would’ve held little interest for people  outside of Philadelphia and Kansas City. Due to Vick,  it was one of the bigger media stories of the afternoon.   As a Redskin fan, though I’m happy there was at least a little something to distract a little bit of attention from the Lions ending their drought against the Redskins!

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