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As soon as the show Day One was announced, the comparisons to Jericho were inevitable.  You hear the words “post-apocalyptic” and that’s just where it leads.  But it is interesting  to hearAngela Bromstad fairly honestly expressing a lack of high hopes.  From SciFi Wire:

NBC’s upcoming post-apocalyptic series Day One isn’t due until 2010, but network executives are already suggesting it may be short-lived.

“We’ve always looked at Day One as a big event for us and not necessarily a show that would be an ongoing, returning show for a second season,” NBC president of prime time entertainment Angela Bromstad said in a press conference today in Pasadena, Calif., as part of the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “It would depend on its success. Just by nature of the genre, they always then get a little narrow, and whether or not we can sustain it on the air …”

Narrow-casting is for cable!  I have little doubt whether true or not any ratings failure will be blamed on Ben Silverman

In a separate article on SciFi Wire it’s suggested that the better comparison for Day One might be ABC’s forthcoming remake of V rather than Jericho.

P.S. I know there was a lot of talk out of Comic-Con about the possibility of Chuck coming back sooner than its schedule arrival of season three in March,  but It doesn’t sound like Bromstad has any interest at all in doing so.  It sounds like a show or two will have to fail big and early for it to even be considered.

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