Flash Forward

Looks like  Gina Bellafonte liked Flashforward:

“FlashForward” has the sobriety and charge of the best, early days of “24” but builds its tension more gracefully and feels reluctant to be get subsumed by its own philosophizing. And like “Battlestar Galactica,” its has a presumed message that is humanistic and uplifting: No single messiah can save us; it takes a village to save the world.

Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune touched on similar themes (not quoted above, but the theme of free will vs. determinism) but was more tepid:

Yet I am certain I will keep watching “FlashForward,” despite some wobbles in its pilot. I had more reservations about last fall’s two-hour pilot for “Fringe,” and that show managed to right itself in the second half of its first season. Assuming “FlashForward” can tone down a tendency toward pomposity and create a mythology and characters worth following, it may well be a worthy addition to the  roster of sci-fi tinged TV programs.

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