It’s at times like this that I’m especially glad I wound up on the west coast in the Pacific time zone.  5+ hour games that end around 1am on the east coast end around 10pm on the west coast.  I’ve been out here for over ten years,  it’s a good thing I was a younger man when I lived on the east coast for around 35 years.

Yesterday was my first day with NFL Red Zone.  I’ve had Sunday Ticket from DirecTV.  I’ve had sports bars with 8 televisions. I think I like Red Zone better.   I watched it with a fairly high level of engagement from about 10:30a PT to around 5:03p  PT on Sunday (when it had to go off air based on its contract – with the Jets/Bills game still in  OT and NOT airing locally).  Then from about 5:03-5:45p PT  watched Dodgers/Phillies and then switched to Bears vs. Falcons and watched the whole game.

I’m surprised I enjoyed Red Zone so much.  After a bit of shenanigans with Comcast trying to get the HD version working, I was pretty much in NFL fan heaven.  There’s a relentless quality to Red Zone and I’m pretty sure I know what it is – there are NO commercials.

You’re constantly cycled through games or at least highlights. There’s NEVER a commercial break.  No $5 foot long, no Budweiser. No Taco Bell. No Miller Lite.  No Mickey Dees.  No Viagra or Levitra.  Nothing. ZERO commercials.   I realize now that with NFL games, commercials can provide a nice respite.

But despite having to see how horrible my beloved Washington Redskins were for about 20 or so plays, I still loved it.  I feel like I saw most of the first half of the Titans vs. Patriots game (the Patriots were always in the Red Zone and it was gorgeous in the snow!) plus I got to see pretty much the last five minutes of the Eagles vs. Raiders game which was blacked out locally.

But with all the sports my “to do” list between DVR and On-Demand is piling up.  As I write this  I’m watching both Monday Night Football (Broncos leading, 27-23 with ~4 minutes to go in the 4th quarter) and Dodgers vs. Phillies (Dodgers leading 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth) as  Mad Men, Californication, Curb Your Enthusiasm, House and other stuff piles up on the DVR.

I’m not complaining.

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