We are pleased to announce that long-time frequent reader and contributor Julia Honeyman is lending a hand to the TVbytheNumbers editorial team. You might recognize her as “Julia” in the comments. We’re delighted to have someone on the editorial team who actually has some editing skills. Nary a day goes by without an erroneous apostrophe or five or without the occasional frequent spelling mistakes.

Julia is in college and majoring in television management and hopes someday to rise high enough through the ranks where people like Bill and I will mock her. Until then, as time allows, she will do her best to stamp out apostrophe abuse and will likely (hopefully) occasionally contribute content.

Please extend a warm welcome.

P.S. please excuse the graphic, but the only good “welcome’ graphic I could find was a welcome mat, and really, nobody wants to be a doormat, so I instead went with “the crowd goes wild”.

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