Dear CBS,

Don’t waste time trying to spin a glass half-full tale where the demo actually ticked up in the second half hour.  If I found you parched in the desert you wouldn’t want me to hand you that glass!

Three Rivers was doomed from the start!  As soon as you paired exec producer Carol Barbee (Jericho) with actor Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight).  You might as well have said, “Find the first person  you see walking under a ladder, and hire them as executive producer.  And the first person you see crossing a black cat? That’s our star!”

What were you people thinking?

Please consider canceling Three Rivers immediately.  I can give you lots of reasons, but the primary one is Carol Barbee.  Carol Barbee of “stir the Jericho fans into a peanut-sending frenzy” fame.  Carol isn’t much of an executive producer when it comes to delivering shows people actually watch.  But she’s great at inciting the fans.  Even if there are only 100 who care, she’ll find them and control their minds.  They’ll comment on blogs incessantly.   Please don’t allow that to happen.  I beg you!

As fan campaigns before it, it will be a do-gooding campaign.  Hopefully it won’t involve sending CBS livers, but I think it will involve encouraging people to become organ donors.  That’s not a bad thing,  but…the annoying comments!  If past history is any indication, the longer you leave the show on, the more Carol will whip the fans into a frenzy.

The show really did arrive DOA.  Hopefully it has a living will and you can just pull the plug without incident.


Robert Seidman

Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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